Meet MOAI, the ideal stand up paddle board for every SUP lover, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider. Paradise is just a paddle away!

At MOAI, we believe in quality, durability and portability to give consumers the best possible experience. MOAI boards are inflatable and made of high quality and innovative materials, at an affordable recommended retail price. All models have optimized dimensions for every type of rider. MOAI boards are standard complemented with accessories to hit the water out of the box. Designed in Holland, inspired by the Polynesian inventors of paddle boarding.

With each MOAI purchase we will also help a child in need. Together we stand up for a better world.


The MOAI 9’5 all-round SUP is our latest addition and new for the 2020 season. especiaaly created for the more smaller and medium sized users. the board is easy to turn,rigid and stable despite its smaller length and thickness.


The board is smaller and thinner then our other boards, which makes it suitable for surfing in smaller waves.



The MOAI 10’6 all-round SUP is the perfect board for recreational use. The board is very stable and easy to turn in the water, which makes it ideal for any user. The board is inflatable and there for portable, and easy to carry to any location. The board and it’s accessories can easily be stored in the MOAI trolley backpack on wheels.

The 10’6 board can also be used as a kayak by attaching our MOAI kayak seat to the D rings on the board. The kayak seat and kayak paddle are sold separately.

Faster and Sportier

The MOAI 11′ all-round SUP is the ideal all-round board for anyone who likes to spend time on the water. The board is faster and more versatile than other similar models on the market, but at the same time, it is still very rigid and stable. This makes the MOAI 11′ ideal for more experienced users as well as enthusiastic beginners.

Created with MSL/Fusion Technology, which makes the board 25% lighter and more environmentally friendly. We also added a kick-pad for the sportier user. 


The MOAI 12’6 touring SUP is the ideal board for the more experienced riders who want to spend more time on the water. It includes 2x nets which enables you to carry additional cargo or luggage for longer distances. The board is shaped to be faster than our other MOAI models, but still with the necessary rigidity and stability. Created with fusion technology, which makes the board 25% lighter and more environmentally friendly. 


New for 2020 season is our 12’4 multi-person SUP. This board is designed as a family board. It is inflatable and multi functional. Two person can either use it as a SUP, or as a kayak. It is also possible that one person stands and paddles, while the other sits on the kayak. This makes the MOAI 12’4 the ideal recreational board for the entire family.!

The board includes 1x cargo net and several side handles to carry the board with multiple persons. Created with MSL/Fusion technology, which makes the board lighter and more environment friendly.

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