Meet MOAI, the ideal stand up paddle board for every SUP lover, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider. Paradise is just a paddle away!

At MOAI, we believe in quality, durability and portability to give consumers the best possible experience. MOAI boards are inflatable and made of high quality and innovative materials, at an affordable recommended retail price. All models have optimized dimensions for every type of rider. MOAI boards are standard complemented with accessories to hit the water out of the box. Designed in Holland, inspired by the Polynesian inventors of paddle boarding.

Together we stand up for a better world.


The MOAI SUP boards family is extended with new boards for Season 2022. Last season we added the 9’5 all-round SUP and the 12’4 multi person SUP to our line. This season we have a few new boards as well.

The MOAI Kids Board and the Limited Edition Boards are our latest additions and new for the 2022 season. Especially created for the more sportive and advanced rider and kids. The boards are fast, steady and stable on the water. With a Carbon PVC stringer the board will stay stiff and keep it’s shape.

Also new this season is the MOAI Wing SUP 10’8, this board is a cross between windsurfing and kitesurfing.

More news for the ladies, we have made a special Pink version of the populair MOAI 10’6! This board is still in the MOAI design but in full pink colors!



MOAI Kayaks

Season 2022 we will add MOAI kayaks. The kayak sport is becoming more and more populair again and with MOAI we designed two types of kayaks in our typical MOAI style.

The Tangaloa kayak is our Tube kayak. This tube kayak is low by the water and therefore extremely stable. Easy to use and made of high quality glasfiber PVC.

The Kanaloa is our Drop Stitch kayak. This kayak has a drop stitch floor and sides. The kanaloa kayak is higher in the water and faster.

Both kayaks are available in a 1 and 2 persion version and equipped with paddle(s), bag, seat(s) and pump.


MOAI Wings

Also new for season 2022 are the MOAI WINGS. The wing is the next best thing on the water nowadays. Use your wing with your SUP or Foilboard and get a completely new experience.

The MOAI wings are now three designs and in three sizes. The MOAI 4m, MOAI 5m and MOAI 6m. The boards are in a full package with bag, pump and cord.


MOAI Foilboards

The Foil is not just a trend anymore but a full sport. Kitefoiling, Wakefoiling, Pumpfoiling, Sup foiling, Wingfoiling are just a few of the sports that are now a big hit on the water! 

MOAI inflatable foilboards are made in two sizes. The 6’5 and 7’5 with these sizes and the right foil underneath you can use them for most of the Foil sports. And suited for most rider sizes on all levels.

Soon more about the new MOAI Foilboard collection!

MOAI Inflatable Boats

MOAI keeps expending. They want to offer a full watersports experience. MOAI inflatable boats are produced with high quality materials.

The boats are available in three sizes. Provided with inflatable air chambers and a PVC drop-stitch air deck. This makes the boat very light and stable. There is the possibility to attach a outboard motor.

Soon more about the new MOAI boat collection!

Paddle collection

Since 2020 we added new paddles to our collection. The standard packages have new fiberglass paddles instead of the standard aluminium paddle.

As an extra option we offer super light fiberglass paddles with a diagonal cut in the colors orange and grey. And we have super cool fiberglass and carbon paddles with an wooden finished blade. This is a unique paddle, super light and still in a good price range

And the basic paddle line is expanded with an kids aluminium paddle, sup/kayak aluminium paddle and an oval shape aluminium paddle.

MOAI Accessoires

Besides the standard board accessoires like the pump, leashes and fins. New in the product line are electric pumps and paddle bags.

The MOAI accessoires are part of the MOAI lifestyle. The MOAI bags and water coolers, stainless steel bottles and wooden notebooks are made from more eco friendly materials and with a cool design.

MOAI also introduces US fins made from recycled plastics. Environment friendly!